Wedding Video Sardinia – Tempio

Wedding Video Sardinia

Wedding Video Sardinia. Tempio. Sara and Gianluca’s wedding took place in L’Agnata:

Destination Wedding Video Sardinia

“Agnata” in Sardinian language means “the secret place”. In this charming masseria Fabrizio de Andrè, a famous Italian singer – poet, lived and composed for the most of his life. An enchanted place for a romantic wedding:

Weddings are rare in L’Agnata and Sara and Gianluca waited a long time before accomplish with their dream of celebrate theirs here.  It finally took place in October, when the Canadian grapevine that surround the Main house become red and orange.

Sara and Gianluca’s love story seems to be taken from a romantic movie. They met two years ago during a Gianluca’s holiday in London. They fell in love and he decided to left his life in Milan, move to London and ask for her hand. Such a beautiful story deserve to be told, so we decide to focus the first part of the video on their words.

There are place in the world which owns a unique atmosphere and L’Agnata, surrounded by nature, embrace us during the most touching wedding vows we ever had the chance to film.

We really would like to thank Sara and Gianluca to give us the honor to film their wedding.

Wedding Video: Bisoù Wedding Video 

Wedding location: L’Agnata di Fabrizio de Andrè

Wedding dress: Rime Arodaky

Wedding Photography: Omar Manias

Music: Tony Anderson Eyes Wide Open, Jimmy Armstrong Close to You, Elvin Spencer Lift this Hurt

P.S.: Fabrizio De Andrè wrote a song dedicated to the flow of time in L’Agnata: Folaghe

Some frames and photos:

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